There are few things in this world a girl loves more than her college sweetheart. But queso may be one of them. And Southern California doesn’t seem to have either. Queso or college sweethearts. In fact, they’re both about 1,100 miles away tonight. Probably hanging out together. Without me.

Those bastards. 

I remember the precise moment when I first attempted to order queso at an alleged Mexican restaurant in Pasadena, California. The waiter looked at me with the same bewildered head tilt the Shih Tzu does when I turn to him and break into high-pitched squeal. To what I was referring, dude had no idea. That was almost seven years ago. I should have moved home that night. Gotten up, calmly walked to the car, and headed straight for the border.

But I digress. This morning, I woke up missing them both…the man and the cheese. They should have each other, at least. So I picked up the phone and called Durango’s in Lubbock, Texas…a Tex-Mex place that makes a green chile queso you’d commit crimes for. Two rings and the voice on the end of the other line reminded me of why I love West Texas so. Her name was Alicia. And she was my queso angel. Durango’s doesn’t deliver, but after I explained to Alicia that my college sweetheart and I have been reunited after 17 years but are living 1,100 miles apart until we figure out a plan and that he obviously needs queso just to make it through the long, lonely days without me while I go without but earn major points in Heaven, she said she would take care of everything for me. Maybe it was just to (please, God) get me off the phone. Or maybe she is really an angel. Like Nicholas Cage in that movie where they go the library every day. Except Alicia chose a Tex-Mex restaurant in Lubbock, even though she can’t taste queso. Whatever…not only did she deliver it, but she hand delivered it to the sweetheart himself. She even agreed to pen perhaps the cheesiest note written on a paper napkin ever…”Until we can eat queso together in person.” I’m surprised she didn’t hang up on me.

So, Alicia at Durango’s in Lubbock, Texas…my queso angel…you are the winner of the Hankie Award for “service so good it made me cry.” Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My Thanksgiving flight lands on November 18th. You can be sure I’ll be in to see you and the queso within 24 hours of arrival.   

PS…For the complete history of chili con queso, read this.  

PSS…If you live in Texas or just want to experience the ultimate pleasure in cheese and hospitality, visit Durango’s at 5004 Frankford Avenue, Suite 100, in Lubbock, Texas. Be sure to ask for, hug, applaud, and tip your waitress…Alicia. 

PSSS…I just called the queso angel herself to tell her about this blog post and she said she has a surprise for me. A surprise for me? What could it be? It turns out she is flying to Burbank to visit family in two weeks. And bringing queso. Just for me! I’m meeting her at the airport. Could you just die?!?      

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